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Peak Voigt This model describes a pseudo-Voigt shaped peak on a flat background. Definition This pseudo-Voigt peak function is a weighted linear summation of Lorentzian (L) and Gaussian (G) peak shapes. T... Shape-Independent 24 Jun 2020 smk78 0
Long Cylinder Cylinder model for long cylinders. Background The default numerical integration scheme in SasView leads to numerical instabilities in the calculation of the cylinder form factor when the length... Cylinder 24 Jun 2020 smk78 0
Sphere Concentration A Spheres with uniform scattering length density reparameterized to used to use the *volume number density* of spheres, NOT the volume fraction of spheres as in the normal SasView sphere model. Al... Sphere 21 May 2020 smk78 0
Binary Blend Two-component RPA model with a flat background. DEFINITION This model calculates the scattering from a two component polymer blend using the Random Phase Approximation (RPA). The two polymer... Shape-Independent 07 May 2020 smk78 0
Exponential Flexible exponential model with a flat background. DEFINITION This model calculates a variety of exponential functions. The scattered intensity $I(q)$ is calculated as $I(q) = \text{sc... Shape-Independent 07 Mar 2020 smk78 0
2 Layer General Guinier Porod Implementation of the 2 layer General guinier porod model described in B. Hammouda, "A new Guinier–Porod model", Journal of Applied Crystallography, 43(4), 716, 2010 Shape-Independent 03 Feb 2020 dfsunday 0
Core double shell sphere filled with many cylinders in the core Orientationally averaged form factor for a monodisperse spherical particle with a core-double-shell sphere structure, filled with circular cylinders in its core. Note that the platelets inside ... Sphere 18 Nov 2019 p3scmr 0
Fractal S(q) Calculates the structure factor term ONLY from the Fractal model. Definition ------------ The Teixeira & Chen fractal structure factor. Calculates the structure factor for mass fractal aggr... Structure Factor 19 Sep 2019 smk78 0
Mass Fractal S(q) Calculates the structure factor term ONLY from the Mass Fractal model. Definition ---------- The Sinha-Mildner-Hall fractal structure factor. The functional form of the structure factor is ... Structure Factor 18 Sep 2019 smk78 0
Core shell cuboid Output: P(q) = \frac{\text{scale}}{V_{cs}} \int_{0}^{\pi}\int_{0}^{2\pi} f^2(q,\theta_Q,\phi_Q) \sin(\theta_Q) d\theta_Q d\phi_Q + \text{background} where f(q,\theta_Q,\phi_Q) = ( \rho... Parallelepiped 02 Aug 2019 p3scmr 0
Core shell sphere filled with a cylinder in the core Orientationally averaged form factor for a monodisperse spherical particle with a core-shell sphere structure, filled with a circular cylinder in its center. Output: P(q) = \frac{\text{scal... Sphere 24 Jul 2019 p3scmr 0
correlated_spheres Definition ---------- The 1D scattering intensity of two correlated spherical particles can be written as: $P(q)=F_1^2 + F_2^2 + 2*F_1*F_2 * sin(qD)/qD$, where $F_1$ and $F_2$ are the scattering ... Sphere 30 Mar 2019 Tianfu 0
WoodSAS This model is tailored for fitting the equatorial intensity profile from wood samples (Penttilä et al., 2019). The model consists of three independent contributions: 1) Scattering in the plane per... Cylinder 15 Mar 2019 penttila 0
Nanodisc This is a simple re-parameterisation of the core-shell bicelle model such that it can be more easily applied to the fitting of a phospholipid nanodisc. Cylinder 02 Dec 2018 arm61 0
TestModel Something Other 12 Oct 2018 tim.snow 0
Core Shell Bicelle Elliptical Belt Rough Definition This model provides the form factor for an elliptical cylinder with a core-shell scattering length density profile [#Onsager1949]_. Thus this is a variation of the core-shell bicel... Cylinder 08 Sep 2018 sasview 0
Core-Chain-Chain (CCC) Model This form factor describes scattering from spherical cores (nanoparticle, micellar, etc.) that have chains coming off normal from their surface. In the case of the Core-Chain-Chain (CCC) Model, th... Sphere 23 Aug 2018 mjahore 0
Star Polymer w/ Excluded Volume This model describes scattering from a star-branched polymer where the arms of the polymer may have excluded volume, i.e., they need not be Gaussian chains. Under this model, the form factor of ... Shape-Independent 22 Aug 2018 mjahore 0
Casein Micelle Bouchoux This model comprises three populations of polydisperse hard spheres, corresponding to, from the largest to smallest size: Level0 - The casein micelle, around 100 nm in diameter. Level1 - Hard r... Sphere 03 Aug 2018 jaredraynes 0
AJJ Test 1 This is a file upload test Other 03 Apr 2018 ajj 0
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