Name: Martin Schmiele
Username: p3scmr

Models Uploaded by p3scmr:

Name Description
Core shell cuboid Output: P(q) = \frac{\text{scale}}{V_{cs}} \int_{0}^{\pi}\int_{0}^{2\pi} f^2(q,\theta_Q,\phi_Q) \sin(\theta_Q) d\theta_Q d\phi_Q + \text{background} where f(q,\theta_Q,\phi_Q) = ( \rho_{c}-\rho_{sh} ) \prod_{j=1}^3 [ 2 * L/2 * sinc(Q_...
Core shell sphere filled with a cylinder in the core Orientationally averaged form factor for a monodisperse spherical particle with a core-shell sphere structure, filled with a circular cylinder in its center. Output: P(q) = \frac{\text{scale}}{V_{sph}} \int_0^{\pi/2} f^2(q,\alpha) \sin\alp...
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